2021 Audio Sermons

‘The House of Mercy’ Richard Hardy 3.1.21.
‘The Error of Replacement Theology’ Richard Hardy 10.1.21.
‘The Joy of the Lord is your strength’ Pastor Richard. 24.1.21.
‘Love Thy Neighbour Pt.1 The Lawyer and the Priest’ Pastor Richard 31.1.21.
‘Love Thy Neighbour Pt.2 The Levite and the Samaritan. Pastor Richard 7.2.21.
Pre, Post or A ? Pastor Richard 14.2.21.
‘Teach us to number our days’ Pastor Richard 21.2.21.
‘Will He find faith?’ R. Hardy 28.2.21.

Pastor Matthew Gray brings the sermon from the funeral service of Mrs Elisabeth Halewood.

Pastor Matthew Gray. 26.2.21.
‘The Danger of Hyper Grace’ R. Hardy. 7.3.21.
Guest Speaker Mr Stuart Wilson 17.1.21. ‘The Curse, the Cross, the Crown’
Guest Speaker Mr Stuart Wilson 21.3.21.
Andrew McMahon from SASRA. 28.03.21.
Pastor Richard Hardy 4.4.21. ‘Except I shall see…….’
‘The Wrong Attire’ 11.4.21. Pastor Richard.
Speaker Mike Halewood. 18.4.21.
‘Spiritual Attack’ 25.4.21. Pastor Richard Hardy.
‘Strange Fire’ 9.5.21. Pastor Richard Hardy.
‘Cain and Abel’ 16.5.21. Pastor Richard Hardy.
Guest Speaker Mr. Stuart Wilson 23.5.21. ‘ Doing the right things in the wrong way.’
‘Caleb had another spirit with him’ 30.5.21. Pastor Richard.
‘The Places of Honour’ 6.6.21. Pastor Richard.
‘That I may know Him’ 13.6.21. Pastor Richard.
‘The Nobleman’s son’ 20.6.21. Pastor Richard.
Bible Study- ‘Gog and Magog’ Pastor Richard 23.6.21.
‘What does God want us to do?’ 27.06.21 Pastor Richard.
Guest Speaker Dave Robertson 11.7.21.
‘A Very Small Remnant’ Pastor Richard 18.7.21.
‘Two Gardens’ Pastor Richard. 25.7.21.
‘Be Careful how you hear the Word’ Pastor Richard 1.8.21.
Repent and be Baptized. Pastor Richard.
Guest Speaker Mr Stuart Wilson 22.8.21.
Guest Speaker Mr Jim Milton 29.8.21.
Guest Speaker Joe Kirby 15.9.21.
Guest Speaker Billy Ainscough 19.9.21.
Pastor Richard 26.9.21. ‘ Work while it is day.’
Guest Speaker Joseph Hubbard from Creation Research speaks on Animals and Design and how we can see evidence of design in the world around us. 17.10.21.
Speaker Joseph Hubbard. 1st Session from recent ‘Creation Research’ meeting at BBF.
James Bovenizer from the Faith Mission 7.11.21.
Speaker Mike Halewood on Remembrance Sunday.
Guest Speaker Trevor Stewart-Sweet from Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry 28.11.21.
Speaker -Will Marsden from ‘Sportsreach’ 5.12.21.
Speaker Jim Milton 12.12.21.