Southport Branch P.W.M.I. ( Prophetic Witness Movement International) Meeting at Bethesda Chapel on Saturday 24th September 7pm with Speaker A.B. Robertson. All welcome, light refreshments after the meeting.

Sunday meetings are at 11am and also Wednesdays at 7.30pm. Please stay away from Church if you have a covid19 positive test. God bless, Pastor Richard.

  • Special Meetings and announcements.
  • Please note our usual service times are Sunday at 11am and Wednesday at 7.30pm.
  • We also have separate mens and ladies fellowship meetings, usually on a Saturday am, throughout the year. Please contact us for further details.
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BBF Special Meetings 2022:

  • Sunday 7th August 11am Speaker Stuart Wilson.
  • Sunday 14th August 11am Speaker Billy Ainscough.
  • Saturday 24th September 7pm P.W.M.I. Speaker A.B. Robertson.
  • Sunday 25th September 11am Speaker A. B. Robertson.
  • Sunday 9th October 11am Speaker Joe Kirby.
  • Sunday 6th November 11am Speaker Will Marsden from Sportsreach.
  • Sunday 13th November 11am Remembrance Sunday Service.
  • Saturday 3rd December 6.30pm ‘Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry’ with Speaker Trevor Stewart-Sweet.
  • Sunday 4th December 11am Speaker Trevor Stewart-Sweet.

BBF Special Meetings 2023:

Wednesday 1st March 7.30pm Trevor Stewart-Sweet speaking from the ‘Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry’. Trevor is also our speaker on Sunday 5th March 11am.

Please note that Speakers and Meetings may be subject to change. Normal service times are Sunday Worship 11am and Wednesday night Prayer/Bible Study 7.30pm.