2022 Audio Sermons from Birkdale Bible Fellowship.

2.1.22. Pastor Richard ‘ 2022 Let us move closer to God’.
Pastor Richard 9.1.22. ‘ Lord build Your Church’.
Speaker Mr Jim Milton 16.1.22.
Pastor Richard 23.1.22. ‘The Unknown God wants to be known.’
Speaker Mr Stuart Wilson 6.2.22.
Pastor Richard 13.2.22. ‘Walk in the Spirit’.
Speaker Billy Ainscough 20.2.22.
Guest Speaker Vinny Commons 27.2.22.
Pastor Richard 13.3.22. ‘He maketh wars to cease’.
Guest Speaker- Dave Robertson 27.3.22.
Pastor Richard 17.4.22. Resurrection Sunday Sermon.
Pastor Richard 1.5.22. The Rapture Pt1.
Pastor Richard 8.5.22. The Rapture Pt 2.
Speaker Billy Ainscough 15.5.22.
Pastor Richard 22.5.22. ‘The Tongue is a Fire’.
Guest Speaker Trevor Stewart-Sweet from the Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry 29.5.22.
Speaker Mr. Stuart Wilson. 5.6.22.
Mr Jim Milton 26.6.22
Dr. John Piper 10.7.22.
Pastor Richard. ‘Endurance’.
Speaker Stuart Wilson 7.8.22
Speaker Billy Ainscough 14.8.22.
Pastor Richard Hardy. Title- ‘Literal Interpretation’. Aug.’22.
Pastor Richard Sept.’22. ‘There is no cluster to eat’.
PWMI Southport Branch 24.9.22. Speaker A.B. Robertson ‘When God says No’.
Sunday 25.9.22. Guest Speaker A.B. Robertson. ‘The Fast of the Fifth Month’.
9.10.22. Guest Speaker Joe Kirby.
Sunday 16.10.22. Pastor Richard. ‘God as Author’.
23.10.22. Pastor Richard. ‘Friend of Israel.’
Sunday 30.10.22. Speaker Will from Sportsreach.

Pastor Richard 20.11.22. ‘Ananias and Sapphira’.

Speaker Daniel Price from the Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry (USA). ‘ The Weightiness of Hope.’

Speaker Trevor Stewart-Sweet from the Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry (UK). ‘ A Priest after the Order of Melchisedec.’